Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in Houston, TX

If you are living with tooth loss, you are not alone. It is common for many U.S. adults between 20–64 years of age to have three damaged or missing teeth. Luckily, A+ Family Dental offers multiple tooth replacement solutions. One of the most popular methods is dental bridgework.

What are Dental Bridges Near Me?

If you have one or more missing teeth, our dentists may suggest a bridge. These fixed prosthetics are just as the name implies. They bridge the gaps left by tooth loss. It is essential to replace missing teeth. If not, the remaining teeth will shift out of place, causing bite issues. The imbalance can also lead to TMJ disorders and gum disease.

Your Houston, TX dentists create a bridge using your natural teeth or implants as anchors. These abutments are on either side of the space. They are covered with dental crowns that attach to the replacement tooth. Since we use tooth crowns, you have a choice of materials. Our dentists will help you select the most appropriate materials. It all depends on the location of the missing tooth, cost, aesthetic concerns, and tooth function. Tooth-colored ceramic or porcelain bridges can be made to mimic the color of your natural enamel. Contact A+ Family Dental today to book a consultation.

How are Tooth Bridges in Houston, TX, Made?

First, our dentists must prepare the abutment teeth by removing some of the tooth structure. This step is necessary to allow room for the crown restorations. Then we take impressions of the reduced teeth. This mold is sent to an outside lab, where technicians will craft the bridge. Your dentists will determine the appropriate shade. The lab will use color-matched material specified by our dentists. In the meantime, we will place a temporary restoration over the prepared tooth/teeth. When the final bridge is completed, you will come back to our Houston, TX, dental practice. During this visit, your dentists will remove the temporary bridge and replace it with the new bridgework. If we must make any adjustments, we will take care of it at this time.