Endodontics in Houston, TX

Our endodontic treatment is the way to save your smile. Many people lose their teeth to decay, gum disease, and trauma, but if we catch your dental problem early on, we can save your teeth better. At A+ Family Dental, our endodontist in Houston, TX, performs routine and complex endodontic surgical procedures and manages traumatic injuries, including dental emergencies, to promote patients’ oral health. Our modern imaging and X-ray solutions ensure a comprehensive examination of the mouth, providing us with detailed information that helps map out your endodontic treatment plan.

Our Endodontic Procedures

You may require endodontics near you when the pulp and its nerves have been infected, inflamed, or damaged. We do these procedures to clear the infection and salvage your tooth.

Root Canal Treatment

Our endodontist near you accesses the root canals and clears the infected or damaged pulp. We then clean the canals and seal them off. Our endodontist will conduct root canal treatment under anesthesia, so you will be comfortable before starting the treatment. It usually can be performed in a single appointment; however, if other issues have to be resolved, it may require several appointments. Once we have cleaned and sanitized the canals, we take impressions or models of the tooth to fabricate a dental crown that we later place to provide further protection and strengthen the tooth.


There could be bacteria within the root structure at the end of the root tip or the branching sections of the canals where infection was not treated during the initial endodontic treatment or root canal therapy. If our endodontist establishes that it is too intricate to complete root canal treatment or retreatment, then apicoectomy may be suggested. Things like persistent cysts, difficult anatomical curvatures, large screws or implants placed inside the root, or broken pieces left behind during a root canal treatment can necessitate an apicoectomy.

An apicoectomy is a minor surgery that helps save teeth that are in danger and prevent serious complications. Also referred to as root-end surgery, apicoectomy involves removing the root tip and surrounding tissue. A tiny incision is created within the bone at the root’s tip to expose the damaged or infected area. Once the infected tissues have been cleared out and the root tip cleaned, the area is sealed with fillings and gum tissues suture-closed to bring them into proper position.

Talk to our endodontist in Houston if you notice signs of an infection. Endodontics in Houston is more successful if early treatment is performed. Visit us at A+ Family Dental today!

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