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Fast Braces in Houston, TX

While traditional metal braces are still popular as an orthodontic solution for straightening crooked teeth, they are uncomfortable and take a long time to produce results. Fastbraces is an innovative and affordable orthodontic system that overcomes this flaw of traditional metal braces.

Unlike traditional braces that move teeth in two stages (root movement followed by crown movement), Fastbraces utilizes a unique triangular bracket and a specially shaped square wire to simultaneously move both the crown and the tooth’s root. The innovative approach allows for a significantly shorter treatment duration.

Why Should You Consider Fastbraces?

At A+ Family Dental, we recommend Fastbraces in Houston as they offer several advantages over traditional metal braces, including the following:

Reduced Treatment Time

Our Fastbraces near you offer a significantly shorter treatment time than traditional braces. For most patients, the orthodontic treatment can be completed in as little as three to twelve months. It means you can achieve your desired results faster and spend less time in braces.

Less Discomfort

Fastbraces incorporate gentle forces and low-friction technology to minimize discomfort during the orthodontic process. Many patients report experiencing less pain and discomfort compared to traditional braces.


These orthodontic devices can address many problems, including crowding, spacing, overbites, underbites, crossbites, and open bites. Whether you have mild or moderate orthodontic concerns, Fast Braces in Houston can help you achieve a straighter, more aligned smile.

Aesthetically Pleasing

Compared to traditional braces, the Fastbraces system has smaller, clear, or tooth-colored brackets that blend seamlessly with your natural teeth, giving you a more discreet orthodontic option.


Fastbraces can be a more cost-effective orthodontic solution for most patients than traditional braces. The shorter treatment time translates to fewer appointments and reduced overall treatment costs.

The Fastbraces Process

Straightening your teeth with Fastbraces involves the following stages-

Initial Consultation: Your Fastbraces journey at A+ Family Dental begins with a comprehensive consultation. Our experienced Fastbraces dentist near you will evaluate your oral health, discuss your orthodontic concerns and goals, and determine if it is the right treatment option.

Treatment Planning: Once you decide to proceed with Fastbraces, our orthodontist will create a treatment plan tailored to your unique needs. We will take 3D images of your teeth to design your custom Fastbraces system.

Braces Placement: Our orthodontist will carefully and precisely attach the Fastbraces brackets to your teeth during your next visit. The brackets are bonded using a dental adhesive, and the specially shaped square wires are inserted into the brackets.

Adjustments and Monitoring: Throughout your Fastbraces treatment, we will schedule regular check-up appointments to make adjustments and monitor your progress.

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