Hygiene Therapy

Hygiene Therapy in Houston, TX

Oral hygiene is crucial in maintaining functional, healthy, and strong teeth and gums. At A+ Family Dental, we emphasize preventive care and are always committed to seeking families and individuals to have optimal oral health. We provide hygiene therapy in Houston to clean teeth and gums and avert potential dental issues like gum infection, decay, cavities, and enamel erosion. Our oral hygiene therapy goes beyond teeth cleaning.

What is Hygiene Therapy?

It is a dental health regimen involving deep cleaning, antimicrobial substances, prophylactic, and dental radiographs or X-rays. Additionally, our hygiene therapy involves screening procedures and monitoring to ensure we have our patients’ proper and updated historical records. We utilize modern tools and computer-aided imaging solutions to get as much detailed information as possible regarding oral health.

Comprehensive Oral Health Exam and Cleaning

We perform intensive oral exams to detect oral health issues and then perform dental cleaning. During the process, we make sure each patient feels comfortable, and if sedation is required, we provide it.

We perform periodontal charting and debridement. We measure the gum pocket depth to see how gum disease may be taking its toll on your teeth and gums. During gross debridement, we clear tartar, plaque, deposits, and bacteria from the mouth and perform prophylaxis to prevent oral disease. Once you have received treatment for gum disease, we place you on another hygiene therapy program involving periodontal maintenance procedures.

Our dental therapist near you educates patients to maintain their oral health. We understand that at-home oral hygiene practices are as crucial in promoting oral health as in-office dental cleanings. We teach patients and families how they can floss and brush their teeth. We assess every patient’s oral health status and offer tailored treatment plans while focusing on behavioral changes.

Our hygiene therapy procedures can help care for patients with severe gum problems, including gingivitis and periodontitis. It helps patients who previously had extensive dental reconstructive work like dental implants and dentures maintain their dental hygiene and ensure their restorations last longer and avert potential gum and teeth problems that may arise while using them.

Talk to us at A+ Family Dental to schedule for oral hygiene therapy section, whether for preventive purposes or as a preliminary procedure for restorative work. Visit us today!