Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and Onlays in Houston, TX

The state of our teeth is something that should be important to everyone. While going to the dentist can help prevent most problems from occurring, we can’t stop everything. The important thing is a healthy oral hygiene routine and a healthy relationship with your dentist. That way, when you get a cavity or chip or crack your tooth, you can figure out what to do as quickly as possible. The longer you leave a tooth issue untreated, the worse it is for your oral health, not just that individual tooth. At A+ Family Dental in Houston, TX, we believe in having multiple options available when your teeth have been damaged.

We offer inlays and onlays as additional options to repair and restore your teeth when the traditional options won’t work or when patients want an alternative to crowns and fillings. Dentists can apply these different applications to teeth in certain situations. If you’re interested in this treatment for one of your teeth, talk to one of our highly talented dentists here at A+ Family Dental in Houston, TX, today.

When Might You Need Inlays and Onlays?

Inlays and onlays are used to correct damage to teeth when fillings and crowns aren’t the right solutions. You’ll want to talk to your dentist first, but the main thing to know is that an inlay is a type of dental appliance that fits inside the biting surface of the teeth and is used to cover over cavities that have formed on the portion of a tooth where people chew.

Onlays are similar; they cover over the tooth, including the cusp, and can be used in place of a crown in some cases. Typically if a crown is too large or unnecessary to fix the problem with a tooth, the dentist will recommend an onlay as a fast and effective solution. Onlays are also less noticeable in some cases than dental crowns, making them a preferred option in a few cases.