Partial and Full Dentures

Partials and Full Dentures in Houston, TX

When teeth become decayed due to neglect or break in an accident, they can be unsalvageable and need replacing. Fortunately, our dentists at A+ Family Dental are experts at teeth restoration and can recommend the best replacements for your situation. For some people, it may be a dental bridge or partials and full dentures near you.

Is a Partial What You Need?

Some people have a difficult time adjusting to the idea of replacing teeth after losing them. They are too embarrassed to be without them, and they fear artificial teeth like implants, partials, or bridges will look too fake. Fortunately, our dentists in Houston, TX, offers teeth alternatives that look realistic.

If you’re missing several teeth on the upper or lower jaw, a partial can be the best replacement for natural teeth. It doesn’t matter if you’re missing teeth in a row or on different sides of your mouth because a partial will replace all your upper or lower teeth.

However, if you have teeth missing on both jaws and evidence of further decay or gum disease, you will probably need your remaining teeth removed and replaced with dentures. Partials and full dentures in Houston, TX, can restore your smile much quicker than other teeth replacement procedures.

Replacing Teeth Quickly

Some dental restoration procedures take months to heal before you can eat firmer foods, but with dentures, you can usually start eating any foods you love within a couple of weeks. Many people opt to get dentures in their mouths on the same day as their extractions. Most patients only face mild to moderate discomfort using this technique to replace their teeth.

Along with helping to stop the bleeding from the extractions quicker, getting your dentures on the same day helps reduce any swelling you have faster too. After your gums heal, which takes a total of two to four weeks, you will have great-looking, real-looking teeth.

If you have missing teeth or need extractions due to teeth damage or disease, consult our dentists near you about partials and full dentures to take your teeth’s place. After the extractions heal, you will get a brand-new smile from A+ Family Dental.