Periodontics in Houston, TX

Gum disease is an annoyance and can bring about serious oral and general health concerns. When allowed to advance, gum disease can get to a chronic stage known as periodontitis, which attacks the bone and soft tissue supporting your teeth. If no treatment is done, the disease can contribute to loose teeth and, ultimately, loss of the teeth.

At A+ Family Dental, our periodontist in Houston, TX, educates patients about gum disease and our advances in addressing dental concerns. We understand that all patients aren’t the same. We take our time to learn much about your gum disease and the best treatment plan. We provide periodontics near you that are crucial for re-establishing optimal oral function and health. If you have indicators or symptoms of gum disease, it is paramount that you talk with us.

Our Periodontic Treatments

We provide a collection of periodontal services that include:

Periodontal Disease Treatment – Our gum specialist in Houston will map out a gum disease treatment plan that revolves around the seriousness of the stage of the disease. In the early stage, we can suggest scaling and root planing and using antibiotics to eradicate biofilm found under the gumline or in gum pockets. Scaling and root planing involve clearing and scraping the root and crown surfaces to do away with biofilm and tartar and then smoothening the root surfaces so that micro dents are removed to discourage the buildup of biofilm and tartar in those areas. For advanced cases of the disease where the stability of teeth is damaged, our dentists may suggest gum surgery.

Dental Implants – Considered the best solution for teeth replacement, dental implants are our chosen treatment for replacing teeth. Our periodontist in Houston surgically places a metal post within the jawbone that supports the replacement teeth. The teeth you receive are strong and feel and look like natural ones.

Crown Lengthening – As part of periodontics in Houston, we employ crown lengthening for various reasons. We may treat when a tooth lacks a sufficient surface to mount a restorative crown.

Gummy Smile Surgery – If your teeth have too much gum tissue, our dentists can reduce or contour the gums to allow them to curve more attractively around the teeth.

Gum Graft – After gum regression, you may require a soft tissue graft to cover the exposed roots and protect them from bacteria, sensitivity, or decay. Gum grafts can minimize the risk of decay, gum recession, and bone loss.

Talk to our periodontist specialist near A+ Family Dental to discuss gum disease and how to protect yourself from it.