Smile Analysis

Smile Analysis in Houston, TX

A great smile enhances your personality, increases confidence, and elevates how other people perceive you. Everyone wants a great smile, but what exactly comprises a perfect smile? A perfectly-looking smile doesn’t just have white or straight teeth; there is more to it. A perfect smile is the harmony or balance of gums, teeth, and face.

Analyzing an individual’s smile can help provide a roadmap to the cosmetic, restorative, and orthodontic treatment required to restore harmony and balance to facial looks. At A+ Family Dental, we provide smile analysis in Houston to help patients understand the elements that need to be addressed to bring out that Hollywood smile back.

What is Smile Analysis?

It’s an innovative method that allows our dentists to assess your smile function and aesthetics. We utilize smile analysis in Houston to understand our patients’ aesthetic and functional dental concerns, their immediate needs, and what improvements can be done. During a smile analysis Houston procedure, we closely examine the fundamental components of your overall smile appearance. These elements include:

  • Gums and teeth condition
  • Mouth, jaw, as well as teeth positioning
  • Color and translucency of your teeth
  • The teeth’s symmetry and size with the facial shape and size
  • Gums and teeth portions that show while smiling

What Smile Analysis Involves

During a smile analysis in Houston, TX, our dentist takes an in-depth look at various elements of oral health. It includes checking the condition of gums, teeth, jawbone structure, and facial muscles.

We involve the patient in the smile analysis process so that we can learn their concerns and goals. Here, you can communicate your feelings about your smile. We take time to listen to your likes and dislikes about your smile because it helps provide us with valuable information. We utilize X-rays, pictures, scans, and other diagnostic tools to help determine what treatments may be needed and how sequentially they will be performed.

Our dentist may also evaluate any dental work you have at that time. We utilize this information to get a detailed picture of your dental health and esthetic. After that, we determine the treatments needed to re-establish the smile’s appearance. Some cosmetic treatments, like veneers, gum contouring, or whitening, may be suggested. We also suggest restorative treatments like crowns and fillings. We may recommend orthodontic work like braces if there are misalignment and malocclusion issues.

Contact A+ Family Dental to book a smile analysis near your appointment to determine how well we can improve your smile’s aesthetics, health, and function.