Invisible Braces

Are Invisible Braces Right For You?

June 27, 2023

Invisible braces like Invisalign® have changed how people straighten their bite. They work discreetly, and within several months, you have a beautifully transformed smile that you are proud of. However, not everyone can get invisible braces. For you to qualify for invisible braces in Houston, TX, there are various things you have to keep in mind and fulfill.

Are You Committed?

You must be disciplined in wearing the aligners and cleaning them adequately. The process of aligning teeth with Invisalign trays requires the patient's engagement. If you, as the patient, commit to putting on the aligners only a few times a week for the recommended hours, then you risk having unimpressive results.

Since patients can take Invisalign aligners out of their mouths, it is easy for the patient to go without them. When this happens repeatedly, it sets the treatment clock back by weeks or months since the teeth can shift back.

Want Something Discreet

To some, having visible braces in their mouth doesn't bother them. They may even consider the braces a fashion indulgence and happily display their smiles to others. However, others are more conscious about the wires and brackets showing in the mouth when they smile.

If you are looking for a teeth alignment solution that works discreetly, then invisible braces are the way to go. Their inconspicuous nature means that most people don't know you are wearing them.

You Embrace 3 Square Meals Daily

If you receive treatment with traditional braces, you won't eat things like popcorn, chewing gum, or corn on the cob. For invisible braces, you're not limited to food choices.

The trick, however, is to take out the braces every time you eat. If you are the kind of individual who munches every other 15 minutes throughout the day, you won't get results with invisible braces. You cannot keep the braces mounted on the teeth for the full 22 hours required daily.

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