Wisdom Teeth Extractions

Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Houston, TX

Wisdom teeth removal in Houston, TX, is necessary for most people though not everyone needs to have their wisdom teeth pulled. In most cases, wisdom teeth are buried in the gums or impacted, where they create more trouble. Wisdom teeth that come in may damage surrounding teeth, crown them, or cause pain and swelling of gums because of a lack of proper cleaning. Other complications that may arise due to the presence of wisdom teeth include gum disease and infection.

At A+ Family Dental, we inspect your wisdom teeth to establish if they can contribute to future problems. Our dentist checks for wisdom teeth development and their position in the gums if they have not erupted. We are always committed to ensuring the extraction procedure is peaceful and that you have a great experience. Rapidly advancing technology, sterilization, infection control, and new medicines make the wisdom tooth extraction process in Houston, TX, easier, promoting quicker healing and minimizing pain and discomfort during and after the procedure.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction Procedure

Our dentist administers oral sedation before performing wisdom teeth removal in Houston. The sedation makes the patient more comfortable and reduces anticipated anxiety or stress. Since wisdom teeth are located in hard-to-reach areas, it can make the extraction process more time-consuming and difficult; as such, sedation allows our dentist to easily access the teeth and remove them quickly without the patient causing distractions.

The actual process for wisdom teeth extraction near you begins with an incision into the gums to expose the tooth if it is buried inside the gums. If there is bone that blocks the root of the tooth, it is also removed. We forcibly but gently break the tooth into pieces to make removing it easier. Once removed, we clean the site properly and stitch it up. Our dentists provide gauze that you bite over the extraction site, helping control bleeding.


Once the surgery is complete, the recovery process begins. There may be some pain, swelling, and bleeding, and have to be monitored closely. Keeping the wound clean is crucial in recovery. Avoid anything that could hurt or dislodge the clot or cause more pain. Brush and floss, but avoid interfering with the healing site. Proper aftercare for wisdom teeth removal near you can prevent potential issues like a dry socket or bacterial infections.

Visit us at A+ Family Dental to meet our wisdom teeth dentist to discuss the procedure. We will inspect your mouth first before extraction. Our extraction process is almost pain-free, and discomfort comes after the extraction but can easily be managed at home.