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Emergency Dentists In Houston, TX

A dental emergency can be immensely painful, and if you don’t get immediate care, it might lead to serious dental problems, even tooth loss. At A+ Family Dental, we provide emergency dental services to ensure you get the best possible care immediately.

Our experienced emergency dentists in Houston, TX, have the expertise and sophisticated equipment to diagnose and treat your dental emergency quickly and efficiently.

When Should You Visit An Emergency Dentist?

While not all dental problems constitute an emergency, the following situations do:

Severe Toothaches

It might be an emergency if you have a severe, debilitating toothache that is not subsiding even with over-the-counter pain medications. An intense and worsening toothache can indicate an underlying dental issue, such as decay, abscess, or an infection, which can worsen if not treated immediately. Our emergency dentists in Houston, TX, will thoroughly examine your tooth to determine the cause of the toothache and provide the necessary treatment to alleviate your pain.

Broken Teeth

A broken tooth can occur for various reasons, including trauma to the mouth, biting down on hard objects, or tooth decay. Regardless of the cause, a broken tooth requires immediate dental attention to prevent any further damage and infection. At A+ Family Dental, we can repair your broken tooth using various techniques like bonding, dental crowns, or veneers.

Knocked-Out Teeth

You must seek immediate dental care if you have knocked your teeth out due to an accident or injury. The possibility of saving a knocked-out tooth decreases the longer it remains outside the mouth. We can help you save your knocked-out tooth by re-implanting it in your mouth or providing a dental implant, crown, or bridge to replace the missing tooth.

Book An Appointment Today!

At A+ Family Dental, we understand that dental emergencies can occur anytime, so we offer flexible appointment times, including evenings and weekend appointments. Our emergency dentists are also available to provide advice over the phone in case of a dental emergency outside our regular business hours.

Please book an appointment at A+ Family Dental today to know more about our emergency dentistry services and how we can help you restore your smile.