Dental Extractions in Houston, TX

Our dentists may suggest a tooth extraction for multiple reasons. In some cases, teeth must be removed due to severe decay. Others are affected by advanced gum disease or irreparable damage. Even more, your Houston, TX, dentists takes out poorly positioned teeth or prepare for orthodontic care.

Losing just one tooth can lead to chewing difficulty, jaw joint issues, and shifting teeth. All of these concerns can impact your oral health. For these reasons, our dentists will always first exhaust any possible alternatives. We will also discuss tooth replacement solutions with you if removal is the best route. Successful tooth replacement requires a sufficient amount of healthy bone. If necessary, your dentists will place a bone graft in the empty socket after extraction to prevent further loss. If you think you may need to have one or more teeth removed, please contact A+ Family Dental today.

The Tooth Removal Process Near Me

Your Houston, TX, dentists will start the extraction procedure by numbing the affected area. For each tooth to be removed, the gums and jaw will be treated with a local anesthetic. While you should not experience any pain, you will feel plenty of pressure. To expand the socket for easy removal, your dentists will rock the tooth back and forth. This process is done gently yet firmly.

Since the anesthetic dulls the nerves, there is no transference of pain. But pressure is not affected by the numbing agent. Be sure to tell your doctor if you feel any irritation during the procedure. Your comfort is one of our top priorities at A+ Family Dental. Feel free to call us to discuss any concerns or to ask questions about tooth extraction near you.

Sectioning a Tooth for Extraction

There are situations where the tooth can’t be lifted out of the socket in one piece. Therefore, we must section the tooth for proper removal. Then we take out each piece, one at a time. Our dentists perform this procedure often when the root is curved, the tooth is anchored firmly in the socket, or if the socket won’t widen enough to remove it.