Oral Surgery

Oral Surgery in Houston, TX

At A+ Family Dental, we perform oral surgery when conservative methods aren’t a choice in resolving your dental problem. We have state-of-the-art dental equipment to perform oral surgical procedures safely and comfortably. We employ dental sedation for a pain-free surgery experience in our dental office.

We do tooth extractions, gum and bone grafts, corrective jaw, and periodontal surgery. Consult our dental surgeon in Houston if you have dental concerns that require a surgical procedure. Our dentist will first explore non-invasive treatments before considering surgical procedures.

Our Dental Surgical Procedures

Our oral surgeon in Houston can perform numerous oral surgery procedures based on the oral problems we are trying to resolve:

Tooth extractions are the most common dental surgery procedure we perform. We recommend extractions if you have wisdom teeth complications, damaged teeth from severe decay, loose teeth from gum disease, and dental trauma. We may pull teeth when preparing for restorations like dentures or dental implants. Although our oral surgeon prefers to save your natural teeth, we may do extractions when necessary to preserve your oral health.

Dental Implants – Once you have lost teeth, dental implants provide a reliable and long-lasting option. Our dental surgeon near you will mount small threaded posts in the jawbone. These posts are fabricated of titanium or zirconia and replace teeth roots. After placing the posts, we allow them to osseointegrate with the bone and then mount the dental crowns or other restorations like dentures and bridges.

Bone Grafts – Our oral surgeon near you does bone grafts if bone loss has occurred within the jaw. If you have missing teeth for an extended period, your jawbone may recede. Rebuilding the bone can help our oral surgeon safely place dental implants. A bone graft helps reestablish bone dentistry and volume to have a solid foundation for the replacement teeth.

Gum Disease Surgery – Patients with moderate or severe periodontitis may require periodontal surgery. In this procedure, we make incisions along the gumline to move back the tissue away from the teeth to reach the teeth roots and clear away plaque and bacteria under the gums. After the cleaning, we reposition the gum tissue and suture-close it.

Corrective Jaw Surgery – We can tackle various skeletal anomalies with jawbone surgery. We may suggest a procedure to address misalignment issues and facial imbalances and improve chewing function. We conduct corrective jaw surgery to help resolve pain arising from temporomandibular joint disorder.

Talk to us at A+ Family Dental to see how our Houston oral surgery specialist can help you!